Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions. If your question can't be found here, you can always contact the artist.

I like the style of the artist, but the colors do not suit me, is it possible to change them?

The artist cannot change the colors of an already completed canvas, but she can make another one with your colors and dimensions. Please contact the artist directly.

How can you get in touch with the artist?

The easiest way is by email: By phone: 514-571-1833

How long does it take to create a work by the artist?

Each work takes a minimum of three weeks to realize. According to the inspiration, the textures are worked directly on the canvas with the spatula. Then, the elements are chosen and arranged on the canvas. Then, the color overlay begins ! If you want a customized production, do not forget to allow time for design and delivery.

What are the expected delays in receiving a painting?

Times will depend on the availability of the artwork. The deadlines are obviously faster if the canvas is already available. Allow about one month for a special order. Communicate with the artist to orchestrate the purchase. Delivery is possible for a delivery fee.

Is it possible to order a custom canvas?

The artist can create a personalized canvas according to your dimensions and even according to your colors. To do this, determine one or more artworks of the artist so that it is inspired by the style to realize your canvas. You can also send her pictures of the room where you will put the artwork. Do not forget that each canvas is unique and respects a creative impulse, the new canvas created cannot be the exact replica of another and should remain true to the artistic approach of the artist.