Artistic Approach

Every work is a renewal for me. The many elements of life around me are sources of inspiration. I absorb the rhythms and variations of today’s society. The latter is sometimes calm and peaceful, but also unpredictable and turbulent. My works incorporate this calm and energy.

Each canvas composition makes me progress a little more. When I have a white canvas before me, I take inspiration from music to create the structure. My hands are activated and with different mediums, I shape structural compositions. I particularly like the textures and the collages to create reliefs. Then, with a brush, an aerosol can or a spatula, I create pronounced curves, geometric lines and textured melt. The colors transform very hollow and every projection. To truly grasp all the reliefs, I apply myself to giving depth and light to privileged places. I choose carefully the elements that will complement my canvas and make it unique.

I use mixed techniques because I find that the possibilities are endless and that they allow me a total abandonment. I stick, I sculpt and I incorporate everything that inspires me. The application of acrylic colors allows me to unify or isolate a space on the canvas. I take the time to explore the superpositions of colors to highlight the various reliefs. Besides, I always give myself time to evolve a work. In the last days, I refinish myself until I get harmony and agreement between myself and the created work. The final touch is often achieved by «dripping» which brings fluidity and lightness.

I admit that my Asian origins often take precedence over my works. I feel naturally guided towards what is zen and fluid but at the same time energetic. Red, black, white and various variations of gray are omnipresent in my achievements. I am influenced by my passion for jewelry by incorporating semi-precious stones, leather, chains, woods, metals and even sometimes Swarovski crystals. These additions capture the eye and invite to look at the artwork again and again by offering a stop in time. Hoping that my work evoke to you also the serenity and energy.

Nathalie Bruggeman
Artist & Painter